Tumark Flex Markers

Tumark® Biopsy Site Markers

Tumark Professional X, Q, Vision and Flex for ATEC® biopsy site markers are the newest markers in Hologic's portfolio. They are made of non-resorbing nitinol that expands into a distinct shape upon deployment.15,16 With four shapes to choose from and an ergonomic handle for single-handed operation, these markers make an excellent addition to any practice.





In 85% of marker placements, ultrasound visibility was good to excellent upon deployment.15

Form and Function

Intelligent design

Non-resorbing nitinol material expands into distinct marker shape upon deployment.

Single-handed operation

Single-handed operation

Ergonomic handle and slide-button deployment mechanism support single-handed operation while guiding the ultrasound transducer with the other hand.16

Your Complete Biopsy Solution

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