Sertera® Biopsy Device

Sertera® Biopsy Device

Outstanding control, quality cores, easier access

A disposable core needle device, available in multiple gauge sizes, featuring the HandForm™ ergonomic design that supports outstanding control and one-handed operation.



Ease of use

In its initial trial, 95% of physicians stated the Sertera biopsy device was easy to arm and fire.13

Precision performance

7 out of 10 physicians felt it resulted in greater accuracy and increased their procedure confidence.13

Outstanding control

HandForm design enables one-handed operation, with ergonomic, lightweight construction that fits nearly any hand size.21

Two firing modes

Two firing modes

“Fire and acquire” capability facilitates penetration of mobile or dense lesions so the needle aperture is directly seen under ultrasound.

Quality Cores

Quality cores

Unique needle design supports acquisition of large representative tissue samples in as few needle passes as possible.

Sertera and Introducer


Sertera introducer

The 12-gauge and 14-gauge introducer sets feature a Luer fitting for a secure fit and smooth transition during marker deployment. Their quick-release thumb latch supports anesthetic delivery with an aspiration option.


Your Complete Biopsy Solution

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