ATEC® Breast Biopsy Device

ATEC® Breast Biopsy Device

Compassionate care across all modalities

Our flagship ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is an all-in-one platform intended for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D™-image guidance. Designed for radiologists and surgeons who consider compassionate patient care and results as essential elements in minimally invasive breast biopsy.




Tissue acquisition every 4.5 seconds with cycles typically lasting under half a minute.8


Fully-closed system to reduce contamination risk. Handpiece and tubing are disposable, minimizing exposure to biohazard. 


Setup and cleanup in under a minute. Same console for every modality. Multiple needle options for a wide patient range.

Saline lavage

Saline lavage

Combination of saline lavage and consistent aspiration helps ensure a core with every cycle.8 

Y-valve for ATEC


Enables clinicians to deliver uninterrupted local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site, automatically or manually, without interrupting the procedure.


Ultrasound Introducer

ATEC® Ultrasound Introducer


Designed to improve access to the biopsy site under ultrasound guidance, offering additional simplicity in marker deployment with any end-deploy ultrasound site markers offered by Hologic.

MRI Introducer Localization System

Introducer Localization System (ILS) for ATEC®


Compatible with every currently available coil system, the ATEC ILS aids in targeting lesions with most available software. It is designed to enable physicians to quickly target multiple lesions in a single gadolinium session and to confirm their targeting prior to completing the biopsy.

Your Complete Biopsy Solution

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