SecurMark® Biopsy Site Markers

Visibility and versatility

SecurMark biopsy site markers come in five distinct shapes with biocompatible titanium and stainless steel options, to meet diverse needs. For use with Eviva®, ATEC®, Celero®, Sertera® and Brevera® breast biopsy systems and devices.




Enhanced ultrasound visibility

Bio-absorbable, suture-like netting surrounds the biocompatible marker, designed to enhance visualization post-biopsy for future intervention.7

Easy delivery

Easy delivery

Available in a rigid, end-deploy delivery device or a flexible, side-deploy delivery device for use with all Hologic biopsy systems.

Secure placement

Secure placement

Bio-absorbable suture-like netting is designed to minimize movement within the biopsy cavity.

Your Complete Biopsy Solution

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