Eviva® Breast Biopsy System

Eviva® Breast Biopsy System

A comprehensive system offering seamless integration 

Hologic's Eviva system combines better patient access with seamless integration for a compassionate, minimally invasive breast biopsy. Designed for both prone and upright systems, the Eviva breast biopsy system offers multiple device options to reach the broadest spectrum of patients with the utmost care.



Eviva patient access

Patient access

Offers optimized access to challenging lesions, with biopsy needle options for most breast sizes.12

Compassionate care

Compassionate care

Quiet, remote firing and local anesthetic delivered directly to the site each cycle, without interrupting the procedure.12

Consistent Quality

Consistent quality

Saline lavage and constant aspiration aids in consistently acquiring high-quality cores.12

Streamlined to save time2

With integrated biopsy site marking and total tissue acquisition in about 30 seconds,2 the Eviva system can greatly reduce procedure times.2,20

Confidence in quality

The integrated saline feature is designed to transport cores smoothly.12

Hands-on control

Hands-on control

Tactile thumb wheel provides direct control of the tissue sampling location during the procedure.

Integrated biopsy site marking

Mark the spot

Integrated End-deploy biopsy site marking provides streamlined and accurate marker placement through compatible introducer.

Your Complete Biopsy Solution

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